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Whether you're a modeller, an analyst, a programmer or an information-hungry executive we've got a solution that's made for you. Powersim Studio comes in a number of distinct flavours to suit every palate. The table below outlines some of the fundamental differences with a few of the editions. You can download a full version of editions/features here.

The three main catagories are:

Authoring editions. For more detailed technical information call 01483 467220.

We can help you to discover the edition that’s right for you – please contact us to discuss your requirement.

Powersim Studio Standard allows the user to build models, graphical interfaces and run scenario analysis with built-in unit consistency checking.

Powersim Studio Professional allows the user to connect their models to external data sources such as Excel and database systems.

Powersim Studio Expert equips the user with detailed statistical analysis features such as Monte Carlo analysis, Sensitiviy Analysis and a built-in Optimisation.

Powersim Studio Enterprise allows the modeller to distribute models to other users in the Player editions, to password-protect models, to link with the SAP® SME technology* and to edit variable size constraints to increase running speed.

There is also an academic version available to universities and colleges, strictly for non-commercial academic use only.

Download Powersim Studio Express – the free authoring trial edition

Run-Time (viewer) editions

Powersim Studio Player (Standard Edition)

The Standard Studio Player is available free of charge for use by anyone who wishes to run simulations that have been authored in Powersim Studio Enterprise edition. In the Player you can run scenarios and undertake data analysis across a number of runs. For more information about the Powersim Studio Player, please get in touch.

Download the free Powersim Studio Standard Player here

Powersim Studio Executive Player (Advanced Edition)

The Executive player is an advanced version of the Powersim Studio Player allowing managers, executives or analysts to play thorugh more analytically advanced simulations. With the inclusion of Risk Asessment, Sensitivity Analysis and Optimisation features, the user can rigorously test plans to ensure they will stand shocks and variation of key drivers into the future. For more information about the Powersim Studio Executive Player, please get in touch.

Download a free trial of the Powersim Studio Executive Player

Software Developer Kit

Powersim's Studio Software Developer Kit (SDK) enables software developers and engineers to create bespoke embedded applications for both online and offline use. Firstly, a simulation must be authored using an authoring edition and can then be stored on a server for access by other Powersim Studio users. To make the simulation availaible to users without a Powersim Studio licence, you can use the SDK to create a server-based application that 'talks' to the Powersim Studio model and returns data to your application as it runs through.

Use of an internet browser with your server application can therefore make your Powersim Studio model available to your entire end-user workforce. This gives you complete and central control over security of data and version deployment. It can provide essential functionality for training workshops, running batches of simulations and communicating strategy with colleagues around the world. For more information about the SDK and web-based solutions, please contact us.

Contact us for a free trial of the Powersim Studio SDK

*SAP, SAP SEM and SAP Netweaver are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP AG in Germany and in several other countries.

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"We need to package these analyses in a form that can be distributed across the business. Powersim Studio gives us the ability to wrap complex models in attractive user interfaces, and connect the models to the familiar Excel environment for input and output. We've been delighted with what we've been able to achieve with Powersim."