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Military training system design

Powersim has developed a uniquely deep and wide-ranging understanding of the dynamics of military training systems: the processes by which aviators and soldiers are trained, promoted and retained. The changing time lags and complex career paths inherent in such systems make them difficult to manage successfully – yet the future of military capability depends on taking decisions now; which will yield the desired result for force generation or capability in many years' time.

We are respected as the experts in the field of military manpower dynamics, and our solutions are used at strategic and operational levels in military manpower planning.

Our solutions have ranged from a simulation tool to evaluate the sustainability of the entire army manpower system over a twenty five year period to detailed resource-planning tools for air force training stations.

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Military Training Case Studies

Ministry of Defence
Clear, communicable and cost-effective strategic pipeline management
Royal Air Force
Clear and coherent planning of manpower resources at individual operational stations